Scribbling Sci-Fi Workshop: Sammy Paloma

Saturday 23rd October 4.00-5.30pm
At The Gallery (First Floor), The Island, Bridewell Street First Floor, Bristol, BS1 2BE
Artist Sammy Paloma will lead ‘Scribbling Sci-Fi’ sharing how to use divination methods for creative production.

Sci-fi cos it’s future-oriented, cos it doesn’t exist yet, & cos it’s about aliens.

Poetry cos it’s like broken writing, writing that’s avowedly messy (no expertise or experience needed, I have none either).

Divination cos it gets us out our heads, like a studio crit with an alien or something.

The workshop will:

– give an overview of some of the basics of a few divinatory methods (looking primarily at tarot/cartomancy, but also touching on oneiromancy – using dreams to divine answers, water scrying – using a bowl of water, & bibliomancy – using books)

– introduce a few ways to cultivate a space to be able to listen to whatever comes down the wire during divination

– and then finally focus in on how to use these methods for creative ends… to use divination to write something that might be called a sci-fi poem.

No expertise in either divination or writing poems is necessary, but if folk happen to already own a tarot deck then they should absolutely bring it along (a few different decks will be available to use on the day, but the more the merrier!)

This workshop is part of Scratch Lab Three, which has been kindly funded by Arts Council England and Bristol City Council.

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In lieu of this workshop being offered for free we like to ask you to bring a quantity of one or more of the following items as an offering, which will be collected on the day to make a donation to South & East Bristol Foodbank:

Access to The Gallery is via steps to the first floor.