The Wagon for Artlicks Weekend

For Art Licks Weekend: Interdependence, Caraboo Projects embarked on a 160 mile journey from Caraboo Projects in Bristol, to Standpoint Gallery, Hoxton on foot. The group was accompanied by a wagon, collectively built by the community of artists who make up Caraboo. Together the artists journeyed, sharing the weight, testing and progressing their interdependence.

The group followed historic trade routes of the canals and rivers between Bristol and London, acknowledging their complex pasts, whilst exploring ways of creating supportive networks and infrastructures.

A record of encounters, exchanges and observations made on the journey are presented at Standpoint gallery. 

The artists departed Bristol on Thursday 10th October and arrived at Standpoint Gallery on Wednesday 16th October.

We would like to sincerely thank the people who helped and supported us on our journey, to old friends and new friends who accommodated us in whatever way they could. Without these acts of kindness our journey would not have been possible.

Weylan and Jasper from Nine Live Cycles for the Wagon’s wheels // Cameron Balloons, Bristol for the ripstop fabric which was used for the flag // James Merchant for patiently teaching us metalwork skills // Shape Studio, Bristol for the machinery and workshop to weld and create the Wagon // Nella Aarne and Sam Smith from Obsidian Coast, Bradford-on-Avon for taking in weary travellers and giving us a warm place to sleep and pizza on arrival // The Barge Inn, Honey Street and especially Dylan for allowing us to stay in lovely dry bell tents // Pete for explaining the many mysteries of crop circles // Ade Morris for giving us a place to sleep, eat, drink and sing in Newbury, and to Dylan and Louie Morris for their wonderful musical entertainment // Stuart, for carrying the Wagon and walkers on his narrow boat, Beanstalk, when we weren’t sure we could carry on (and for teaching us to operate locks) // Billie Bachra  and Raj Bachra, for a warm place to sleep in Reading, and for a late-night trip to rescue the Wagon // Andy the lock-keeper for giving us space in his garden to camp overnight // Neil and Nancy, for a hot cup of tea on their barge // Clare and Sally and their dogs Nelly and Lyra for buying some weary travellers a drink on their way through Henley on Thames // Alex from The Oresman, Marlow for food and drinks // Hugo and The Complete Angler, Marlow for giving us space to camp // Sarah for encouraging us to go for a morning swim in the Thames, making us breakfast –  and for rescuing our flag when it was lost

Thanks to Art Licks for inviting Caraboo to participate in Interdependence and allowing us to set ourselves this challenge

And to Standpoint Gallery for their wonderful support and encouragement on our journey and for hosting The Wagon

The Wagon built collectively by Caraboo Projects (design and metal work by:

Elena Blanco and Savinder Bual

Text ‘The Wagon’ by:

John O’Hare

Music ‘Improvised Wagon Jam 12/10/19’ by:

Dylan and Louis Morris (of The Station) accompanied by Caraboo Projects

Flag ‘Hardy and Resourceful’ by

Jessica Akerman

Film content by:

Caraboo Projects edited by Jack Friswell

Photographs and documentation by:

Caraboo Projects

Caraboo Projects Wagon team are:

Jessica Akerman / Sophie Alda / Elena Blanco / Savinder Bual / Felicia Cleveland-Stevens / Sally Coulden / Katy Day / Jack Friswell / Adam Hedley / Jenny Male / John O’Hare / Tom Payne / Henry Pope / Phil Root / Rowan Shaw / Ben GJ Thomas