Writing as: Practice; Object; Material- with Maisie Newman

Sunday 24th October 2.00-3.30pm
At The Gallery (First Floor), The Island, Bridewell Street First Floor, Bristol, BS1 2BE
Artist Maisie Newman will lead a creative workshop using text and writing as material, developing structural works on and off the page.

During this workshop we will develop works from and with writing by investigating how text is able to replicate material and become structural both on and off the page. Through collaborative live writing exercises and architectural prompting we will generate text works both individually and as a group. We will also learn how to edit, form and physicalise these works. We’ll be looking at and discussing artists such as Jade Montserrat, Anne Carson, Katrina Palmer and Linda Stuppart.

What you will need: We encourage you to bring along a text on the subject of sculpture, architecture or space. This can be anything, an article, a piece of work involving text, a chapter from a book, a play, a poem. It would be useful if what you brought was physical, but it can also be on your phone. If you aren’t able to bring a text , we will have some available for you to choose at the workshop.

You do not need any experience in writing or need to consider yourself a writer to participate.

About the artist:

Maisie Newman‘s moving-image and performance work is underpinned by writing. Her practice unfolds outwards into materiality: into objects, substances like oil, water or soil, visual documents and the construction of embodied spaces. Often navigating cultural erosion, her work is an attempt to untangle the transmission and untranslatability of Jewish histories, identity and trauma, and how these are able (or unable) to be mapped onto language. Her work is the culmination of various attempts to unpack myself as an archival space, she keeps finding the evidence of something in her flesh, it is maybe a route out of or into somewhere. Maisie was born and raised in Bristol, and recently completed an MFA at The Ruskin School of Art.

This workshop is part of Scratch Lab Three, which has been kindly funded by Arts Council England and Bristol City Council.

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Access to The Gallery is via steps to the first floor.