Scratch Lab Three

The third of Caraboo Projects’ Scratch Lab residencies will run from Monday 18th October- Saturday 23rd October 2021.

Scratch Lab will provide four artists selected through an open call with a focussed environment to explore ideas, take risks and form connections.

The residency will be hosted at The Gallery space at The Island, Bridewell Street, 1st Floor, Bristol BS1 2QD 

Scratch Lab will launch with a screening of artists films on Sunday 17th October, starting at 6.30pm. (FREE REGISTRATION VIA EVENTBRITE

Following a week of working together in-situ, and visits from Bristol based artists, a private view will be hosted at The Gallery Space on Friday 22nd October 6.00pm-9.00pm. (FREE REGISTRATION VIA EVENTBRITE)

The Gallery will be open to the public to view on Saturday 23rd October beetween 11.00am-4.00pm.

Three public workshops will be delivered by the Scratch Lab artists throughout the week- check out our EVENTS PAGE to sign up for limited spots!


Kelsey Cruz-Martin
Finn Dovey
Maisie Newman
Sammy Paloma


John O’Hare


Jenny Male

Kelsey Cruz-Martin

Australian-born multidisciplinary artist Kelsey Cruz-Martin moved to the UK in 2011 and earned a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from the Bath School of Art and Design in 2018. Her practice explores the relationship between language and the body. Using text as a point of departure, ideas materialise across various disciplines including sculpture, installation, print, textiles, video, and sound. Anthropomorphic qualities including desire, grief, pain and pleasure are explored via recurring themes such as the mouth and the voice. Oscillating between internal and external, public and private, language and sound – the gate that veils or unveils emotion.

Image 1. Lesser True , 2021. Mild steel and plaster
Image 2.
Tongueless Mouths , 2021. Unglazed ceramics

Finn Dovey

Finn Dovey‘s work predominantly as a 3D artist and writer using virtual world-building to explore types of space, thinking particularly about the role of human infrastructure on future ecologies. He is interested in the quantitative/qualitative values that inflfluence the production of space and the role that digital technology has on the way we think about space/place. Finn’s current practice could be described as the construction of Speculative Geographies that investigate Synthetic Ecologies, this involves a combination of machine learning aided narratives, myth making and virtual terrains, constructing abstracted possible worlds traversing both omens in the real and as yet unrealised ecological disaster, desire and fetishisation.

Image 1. Natural Artifice
Image 2. Giant Nematode 2

Maisie Newman

Maisie Newman‘s moving-image and performance work is underpinned by writing. Her practice unfolds outwards into materiality: into objects, substances like oil, water or soil, visual documents and the construction of embodied spaces. Often navigating cultural erosion, her work is an attempt to untangle the transmission and untranslatability of Jewish histories, identity and trauma, and how these are able (or unable) to be mapped onto language. Her work is the culmination of various attempts to unpack myself as an archival space, she keeps finding the evidence of something in her flesh, it is maybe a route out of or into somewhere. Maisie was born and raised in Bristol, and recently completed an MFA at The Ruskin School of Art.

Image 1. A Book of Visions, book-work, printed and bound by Book Works
Image 2. How to Remember a Name, film-work

Sammy Paloma

Sammy Paloma is an artist & witch living in Bristol, UK. She sometimes draws guts, sometimes tattoos, & sometimes writes poems. Her work is into being a body, listening to faeries, devotion, trans stuff, & necromancy. Her book length poem about Bigfoot, There’s Always Things Falling Out The Sky, a collaboration with Roxy Topia & Paddy Gould was published by Pink Sands Studio (2021). A few places it has been published/shown/performed are Modern Queers (2021), Radmin Festival, Bristol (2019), Supernormal, Oxfordshire (2019), Outpost, Norwich (2018), Hauser & Wirth, Somerset (2017). From 2014 her & Tom Prater co-edited the artist-led journal, Doggerland.

Image 1. ‘(thank u note #1) – coloured pencil on paper, 2021
Image 2. Page from ‘There’s Always Things Falling Out The Sky’, collaboration with Roxy Topia & Paddy Gould, published by Pink Sands Studio, 2021

Scratch Lab has been kindly funded by Arts Council England and Bristol City Council through the Originators Programme.